• The Bigtable data model is fairly straightforward, each data item is stored in a cell which can be accessed using its {row key, column key, timestamp}.
    • 注意: 由於無法實際操作過Bigtable,導致沒能確切知道Bigtable是否可以column key做搜尋(如:where ...), 不過Hypertable 與 Hbase經測試都僅能以row key做搜尋, 因此一開始應該是誤會Bigtable文章的意思, Bigtable和 Hypertable, Hbase 一樣, 可能都只能以row key 做查詢。
  • Bigtable 查詢資料所用的語言(GQL: Google Query Language)
    • GQL is a SQL-like language for retrieving data entities from the App Engine scalable datastore.
    • While GQL's features are different from those of a query language for a traditional relational database, the GQL syntax is similar to that of SQL.
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